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Packaging design simplified

Driven by SKU proliferation, packaging design teams have their work cut out for them. They need to create designs that meet even the strictest brand owner’s specifications, quickly and accurately. Especially designing complex multi component packaging and POP displays can become quite time consuming.

There’s also growing attention for the benefits that come with making an intelligent connection between packaging design and production/logistics.

ArtiosCAD Display Shop

Create structural designs faster

ArtiosCAD comes with a multi-part design canvas, making it much easier, and faster, to design multi-component structures (e.g. POP displays). But designers can speed up the process even more by using the online library of parametric design templates. Creating production-ready structural designs is now possible by people without structural design expertise.

A new tool in ArtiosCAD helps designers to add components like clips and hooks in 3D. The 2D drawing is updated automatically, which takes the guess work out of the complete design process.

The Studio toolkits allow designers to create 3D shapes for boxes, round containers, flexible bags and shrink sleeves in minutes. What’s more, a library of common packaging shapes ready for use in Studio, make their lives even easier.

Reduce design time by

ArtiosCAD 3D Planogram

Reduce design errors dramatically

Dedicated CAD-graphics alignment tools and a 3D preview in Adobe® Illustrator® help spot CAD-graphics errors quickly and early.

Studio’s 3D guides and artwork distribution tools ensure error-free artwork creation as well. By using tried-and-tested parametric designs in ArtiosCAD, anyone can correct CAD designs by a simple click of a button.

Reduce design errors by

Virtual mock-ups of design & re-branding concepts

Sharing 3D designs/concepts with clients for review and approval becomes easy: there’s visualizer-quality 3D viewing in WebCenter, but there are also free Studio Viewers for desktop computers and mobile devices, there’s even an app to showcase designs in augmented reality.

Building complete virtual retail scenes or stores is becoming easier as well. For example, Esko made it 50% faster to assemble packaging and products into configurations/scenes and stores. This makes in-context review and approval of branding/design concepts possible in a straight forward way.

Improved composition tools in Studio Toolkit allow designers to quickly populate trays and displays with packaged products. The new integration with planogram systems makes it possible to populate entire shelves automatically with products in Store Visualizer.

cost reduction virtual vs. physical mock-ups