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Packaging artwork & repro simplified

How can premedia agencies, trade shops and converters produce print-ready artwork efficiently and avoid rework? How can they manage the rise of the SKUs without boosting the cost and getting lost in endless approval cycles?

Esko’s solutions demonstrate how operations can address the larger number of smaller jobs running through prepress by better controlling and streamlining workflows.

ArtPro+ Clickwheel

Speed up repro

ArtPro+ is Esko’s brand new prepress editor featuring a state-of-the art 64-bit architecture and is 100% PDF native. ArtPro+ has a unique and intuitive user interface with a software tool selector wheel that provides the user instant access to the right tools wherever he happens to be working in the design. This in-context user interface removes all clutter from the screen. Users consistently report greater efficiency and faster job turnaround using the new editor.

Reduce time to market by

Reduce costs & errors throughout the workflow

Esko’s solutions allow companies to reuse text and content from existing artwork. Esko’s WebCenter includes a controlled and automated process for updating existing artwork and for creating multiple variants for a single product. All stakeholders use a common database for content, automatically pulling text statements and other regulatory content into the artwork to ensure compliance.

By reducing operator time required for artwork creation and quality control, companies see a cost reduction of 30%.

Reduce errors throughout the workflow by avoiding manual copy and paste of content, and by managing content centrally. Using a global (gs1) standard enables standardized communication, which ensures quality even more.

Reduce costs by
Reduce errors by
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